Police Use Social Media to Track Protests and Monitor Tweets | Black Lives Matter
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Police Use Social Media to Track Protests and Monitor Tweets
Social media keeps us up to date with police brutality news and
protests.  But apparently big brother is watching. The Associated Press
reports that police are using services such as Geofeedia, which maps,
collects and stores information from social media posts to help them
find crime witnesses, spot problems during parades, protests and other
large gatherings, and otherwise  gauge the community’s reaction to
police involved incidents.  This social media surveillance has sparked
criticism from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, who
assert the software can be easily used to collect information on
peaceful protesters or target Certain groups. The programs let police
gather and record all online posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
YouTube within specific geographic boundaries, and do key word searches
for hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and #ImUnarmed.
“These programs are a deterrent to free speech,” said Baltimore
activist Kwame Rose, who was arrested while protesting the mistrial of a
Baltimore officer charged in the death of [Freddie] Gray, whose neck
was broken in the back of a police van. “It’s a waste of resources that
could be spent on implementing programs for police reform.”