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What are hybrid foods? | alkhalife.info (alkhalife.info)
Hybrid foods is the practice of genetic manipulation,
gene splicing, and hybridizing different species of plants/animals to
create certain preferable entity that may or may not be suitable healthy
consumption. Hybrid foods will not grow in nature. They are crossbreed
food, which must be nurtured and protected by humans or else they will
be overcome by birds, insects, worms, fungi, and bacteria. Hybrid foods
are “missing vital electricity to energize our bodies do to their
molecular inadequacy,” they are unnatural and high in both sugar and
starch. They are devoid of proper mineral balance that all wild foods
contain. So when we eat a lot of hybrid fruit and vegetables-that leads
to mineral deficiencies, they cause the body to bring heavy minerals
from the bones into the blood and slowly deplete your body of its
resources, then follows diseases and death.