Utah: No Murder Charge for SLC Cop Who Shot Black Cyclist in the Back | Democrac... | Black Lives Matter
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Utah: No Murder Charge for SLC Cop Who Shot Black Cyclist in the Back | Democracy Now! (democracynow.org)
In Utah, hundreds of protesters gathered outside Salt Lake City police headquarters Sunday, demanding murder charges be brought against a white police officer caught on film shooting 50-year-old African American Patrick Harmon as he ran from police. Salt Lake Countyâs district attorney has cleared officer Clinton Fox of any wrongdoing in the case, even though newly released police bodycam video clearly shows the officer shooting Harmon three times in the back. A warning to viewers: This video is graphic.

Officer: âPut your hands behind your back for me. [bleep] 244 priority. Shots fired. Start medical.â

Patrick Harmon had been pulled over by officers for not having a light on his bicycle. After the shooting, the District Attorneyâs Office claimed that Harmon said, âIâll cut you,â and turned to threaten officers with a knife. The claim is directly contradicted by the bodycam video.