Petition update · POLICE CHIEF CHARGED WITH A HATE CRIME! · | Black Lives Matter
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After a history racial attacks and racist profanity against blacks, a New jersey police chief has been arrested and charged with a HATE crime! Why so long to charge and arrest him? And how many victims have been wounded and falsely arrested because of the HATE he holds for blacks? His victims may not ever see justice nor believe that they could hold a CHIEF of police accountable. But this why a NATION WIDE demand has been made! There are victims who have never seen or known justice who suffered a loss or injury with no place to turn. They were made the criminal while the guilty went free! To understand how that is possible, consider the history of this police chief and how his deeds against blacks was an established history within the department. Consider how they knew it - but nothing had been done about it! Imagine how many officers underneath his authority followed the example he himself had set and went on to do the same. It is the LACK of accountability that allowed the history to be established. And pr